Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bucket List Item Long Overdue-Christmas Novella

People have strange items on their bucket lists. I'm not talking about the "travel the world" or the "skydive." I mean, "write a Christmas novella."
The Perfect Christmas Gift Cover
Yes. That was an item on my bucket list. And I can now check it off.

This item was added to my list a few years ago. If one would go back through the archives of this blog, they would see that for many years, I challenged myself to read a certain number of Christmas books in the month of December. I haven't done it in a number of years, but I still remember how much I enjoyed reading Christmas stories.

This year I decided that instead of reading Christmas books, I would publish one. I enjoyed writing The Perfect Christmas Gift as much as I like reading Christmas fiction. It provided a good challenge to write short. It also, I think, made me a better writer.

It took a number of years for my life to line up with this dream of mine and I think that is an important lesson. No matter how much we want or plan to do the things on our bucket lists, some of them will only fit in certain seasons in our lives. Some require a little patience.

As you look at your bucket list, know that if you haven't kicked the bucket, then you still have time.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Walking Right

I was a military wife for twenty years but I remember when I first came into that community. I felt lost and often confused about the rules. I couldn’t hug my husband in uniform. No PDA. Nobody wanted to know my social security number; they wanted my sponsors. I had to closely obey the speed limit. It was a different world than what I was used to.

Now that I’m no longer a military wife, I realized how ingrained the practices have become for me. I don’t go to the base as much as I used to, but when I do, I can see the difference between the military life and civilian life. Occasionally, I have to remind myself of the rules.

Like walking on the right.

This was something that I didn’t realize I did until I was walking from the parking lot to the hospital for an appointment. At first, I was the only one
the sidewalk. Then when another person joined me coming from the other direction, I immediately moved to the right. The person approaching me did the same.

I never realized I had adjusted until another person I passed didn’t move the right. She continued walking down the middle of the sidewalk. I thought, what’s wrong with you? Move to the right. I don’t know the woman’s situation, but I wondered if she was a new military wife and hadn’t been trained yet.

I guess the longer I’m out of the military life the more I’ll notice how I’ve been trained.

Friday, February 5, 2016

My Life in Stitches: Testing my Willpower

Photo by Anna H-G
This year I’m on a yarn fast. For non-knitters, that means I’m not buying any more yarn unless I need it to complete a project. It’s Feburary and I’ve only bought one skein of socks. But there are some yarns out there that are really testing my willpower.
  •       Jimmy Beans Wool’s Micro-Brewed Series Chronicles of Narnia. This beauty is called Aslan for the majestic lion from the Chronicles of Nardia series. The yarn is drool worthy, especially for people who are seduced by gradients. The Ice Queen is great, too.
  •      Verdant Gryphon Utopia in Bugga. This color way is too of my favorite colors combined. That, combined with the fact that it’s Bugga, makes me want to grab my credit card.
  •       Miss Babs K2. I’m not a big chunky weight girl because knitting with big needles hurt my hands, but this would be worth it. I’ve been longing to knit Soho Purl’s Color Dipped scarf and this would be perfect. 

Hopefully I can stay the course with my yarn fast. Not easily with all this loveliness popping up on my FB timeline.