Friday, January 4, 2019

My Life in Stitches: Back to Blogging and KALs

(c) Dami Hunter
I didn't make new year's goals or resolutions this year. Why? Because I've done such a stellar job of keeping them (insert sarcasm). What I have do is noticed things that were missing from my life in 2018. The list was sadly too long, but two things were prominent on the list: blogging and Hubby KALs. Although both were a regular fixture in my life, I've fallen off significantly.

So I remedy both problems in one post. Announcing my first Hubby KAL: Salt Point (click here)!

Color 1: Neighborhood Fiber Co.
Truxton Circle
And to be honest, I miss doing KAL with the Hubby. Nothing strengthens a marriage like crafting with your spouse. It gets expensive sometimes, but it's nice to have another thing we can talk about. It's also nice that he gets me when it comes to knitting...mostly.

My husband has been on a cowl kick of late. Interesting since we have yet to see weather cold enough for him to wear a cowl. When I proposed a KAL, he suggested a cowl. Why not. I love cowls. Then came the fun part: selecting a pattern. This is always a challenge because our tastes are so different.

I mean, we are so different. He knits continental. I knit English. He loves to knit with laceweight and I would rather not. He lives for a complicated pattern with a chart and this girl just wants to have fun and save her eyesight. After several hours falling down the Ravelry hole, I found a pattern that we could both agree to and the stash dive began.

Opalessence Fiber Studio Gradient Merino SW

This pattern looks harder than it actually is. We've never done mosaic knitting before so it is nice to try something new. Here is a link for those who want to join us, Mosaic Knitting. And nice to get two skeins of fingering out of my stash. I started on New Years's Eve and hubby cast on a few days later. He's still going to finish before me, and I'm okay with that.

Here's to a new year and a new KAL.

What do you have on your needles/hook? Share in the comments.