Monday, December 17, 2007


I am not a girly girl.
I don't like to cry, I detest the color pink or and generally don't do most things attributed to being a girly girl. But there are few things I do that may be considered girly. I like to smell good. I can spend quite a bit of money in Bath & Body Works. I love shoes, but I'm not sure when I fell in love with them. That's my very short list of my contribution to the world of womanhood.

There is one more thing I do that may be considered girly. I wear mascara, but for the wrong reason. I discovered mascara after I won a free facial in a raffle drawing. The facial included a cleansing, microderm abrasion, and make-up, the whole nine yards. I had tried make-up before, but gave up after I poked myself in the eye with an eyeliner pencil. The memory of that stuck with me and I wasn't looking forward to trying mascara. My anxiety increased when the woman who was doing the facial handed me the mascara brush. After much encouragement from her, I put it on and something miraculous happened: I could see.

I forgot to mention that even though I'm not a girly girl, I have some very girly features, one of them being big brown eyes with very long lashes. All my life I've been looking through said long lashes. It was to the point that I didn't even realize that they were in the way. Until I swiped mascara on my lashes. Instant clarity. I went out the next day and bought myself some mascara and has been wearing it ever since. Being girly is good for something.

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