Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Meditations: AM or FM?

My husband told me tonight that I’m tuned to the wrong frequency. A good description for me. You see, I don’t always have an appetite. Some nights I eat dinner solely because I know my husband is going to harass…I mean, gently remind me that I need to eat something. In his family, food was the cure for everything. Not eating is like a cardinal sin. My husband said that maybe my body was sending me the hunger signal but because I was tuned to the wrong frequency, I didn’t hear it.

I laughed, mainly because I think he’s totally wrong about that. But after a moment, I realized his words applied to another area of my life. Sometimes, I don’t pick God’s signals. Now, I know the scripture “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me.” I cling to it as proof that God speaks to me since I’m one of His sheep. But there are times and seasons that I feel like we aren’t on speaking terms.

And of course, I do what all good Christians do: I blame God. I turn my tear-stained face to heaven and cry “Why did you stop speaking to me? Why haven’t you shown me the answer to my problem?” What arrogance. Why is it so easy to believe that God broke His promise and stopped speaking instead of checking my hearing?

In the end, the problem is me. I’ve tuned from His frequency to my own. I want Him to speak on my terms instead of zeroing in on His voice. Almost every time, I was tuned to FM and He’s speaking on AM. I think we all wish God would speak on FM where it’s loud and clear, but He don’t always speak that way. Remember Elisha? God definitely spoke to him on AM, the still small voice. All those loud noises were FM, but Elisha had to tune in to God’s frequency.

And once I realize that I’m the one off frequency, it makes perfect sense that I haven’t heard anything. How did I expect to hear from the great I AM on FM? And as soon as I flip the switch, there He is jabbering away. Then I have to repent for accusing Him of going off the air.

Do you feel like you’ve tuned to the wrong frequency? Turn to I AM. He’s on the air and He’s got something to say.

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