Saturday, August 21, 2010

Conference Prep

Twenty seven days and I’ll be at the ACFW annual conference. Not my first conference but it has been a couple of years since I’ve been to one. This year is extra interesting because I’m a Genesis finalist. I’ve managed not to obsess about it (barely managed). The journey to becoming a finalist has been such a God-thing. Even if I don’t win my category, it’s been a life-changing trip.
My conference prep is a little rusty. I ran into a woman today in Borders and she asked me if I had a business card.

For right now, here is my conference prep list:
• Business cards. I have one now, but I want to update my picture. A photo on your business card can be invaluable. You collect so many cards at a conference but it’s easier to remember who’s who when the cards have pictures.
• Two proposals. This part is the most challenging. It can be done, but I’ll have to put some effort into it. The hardest part right now is deciding which two to take. Or if I can do more than two.
• A formal dress for the awards ceremony. I have a dress, but I would love to buy a new one. I did some window shopping a little while ago, but finding formal dresses this time of year is challenging.
• I adding a one-sheet to my list but I’m not sure if I’m going to do it. A one-sheet are basically a mini proposal. Some people swear by them but others don’t use them at all. I’m considering doing one because of a past experience I had at another writer’s conference. A literary agent (whose name I can’t remember) and Susan May Warren needed a ride to the venue where the conference was being held. I had my minivan so I offered them a ride. While I drove, the agent asked me to pitch her my novel idea. Talk about driving under pressure. But I didn’t have anything to give the agent once we arrived at the venue. For that reason, I may do a one-sheet, but that depends on time.

I’m sure as time passes, I’ll add more to this list (notice how packing isn’t on there yet). But I saved the most important item on the list for last:
• PRAY! There so much that happens a conference that I am going to need God’s help big time. There so much that happens, so many people to meet and so many opportunities for chance encounters. I need the Holy Spirit to help me navigate through all this and to help me NOT put my foot in my mouth. Amen.

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