Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tea & Read: A Memory Between Us

Title: A Memory Between Us
Author: Sarah Sundin
Rating: Spend the Day Sleepy!

I love a good book. As a matter of fact, few things make me happier than a great book…except a great sequel. If you’re in the market for a great book, check out. A Memory Between Us, by Sarah Sundin is the second book in her Wings of Glory series.

Sundin continues to amaze with her knowledge of World War II. Her description of England and conditions in the military during that time is so realistic I expected to hear bomb sirens and airplane motors every time I opened the book.

The characters also jump off the page, too. Jack and Ruth are well-rounded and engaging, which makes their relationship complex and provides for some great moments of romance. The rest of the supporting cast adds another wonderful dimension to the story.

The most praiseworthy part for me was the topic Sundin tackled. She covers a topic that I with more books would deal with the same upfront and frank matter. As the book progressed, I suspected the direction the book was going to take, but still the climax had me biting my nails.
Both of the books in this series are great reads. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series to see if Sundin can top herself again.

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Sarah Sundin said...

Terri - wow! Thanks for the fabulous review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story - and I'm glad you appreciated the topic. I've gotten some flak (not too much) about that, but the story needed to be told. Jack & Ruth would NOT leave me alone, and you've seen how persistent Jack is! Sheesh.