Friday, January 14, 2011

Tea & Read: Digitalis

Title: Digitalis
Author: Ronie Kendig
Rating: Spend the Day Sleepy

Last Friday, I posted a review of the first book in the Discarded Heroes series.

Digitalis features Former Marine sniper Colton "Cowboy" Neeley and Piper Blum, daughter of daughter of dissident Yakov Rosenblum. When Piper and her father finds themselves in grave danger, Colton and the team go on a heart-thumping adventure.

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, there are a few things that make me extremely happy in a novel. Kendig hits them all in this novel.

The characters are great. I love the fact that Colton goes from tough former Marine to lovesick puppy around Piper. It brings an enjoyable depth to his character. I also love that Piper isn’t just a pretty face. She brings her own flair to the book, Ziva style. The characters have believable flaws, no crying over hangnails here. They all grapple with the decisions they have to make and the consequences of them.

The pacing is fantastic. I didn’t skim a single page. As in the first book, Kendig hooks you into Colton’s and Piper’s world with such effectiveness that I never questioned the credibility of the events. Speaking of events, the plot kept me guessing unto the end, including the way the romance between Colton and Piper developed.

And of course, the book has lots of carnage.

I know this book is labeled as a romance book, but I’ve recommended it and the first book in the series, Nightshade, to my husband. It’s the perfect balance of man book and sigh-worthy romance. There aren’t enough man books out there and I’m glad to finally have a book I can share with him.

Kendig has earned her spot on my “I’ll buy your books without question” list. I’m looking forward to reading the third book in the series.

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