Friday, April 8, 2011

Fav Facebook Friday: The Story Behind the Post

April 4, 2011-"There are just some things you can't learn to do from a Youtube video. On my way to take my son to the barbershop. Bad mommy."

Another unfortunate side effect of my husband’s deployment.

In my household, we have roles. Not traditional roles (I don’t cook but my husband does), but roles none the less. One of my husband’s roles was making sure my sons got haircuts. A logical role for him since he needed to keep his hair cut, too.

Of course, once he left, that role fell to me. So you can imagine my shock when I discovered that the barbershop my husband used was almost 40 minutes away from my house. And I decided that I wasn’t going to drive that far.

So I set out to find a barbershop closer to my house. I told my older son to the barbershop on base, but that is still 25 minutes away. Still too far. But then I started thinking…what’s closer than home? What if I cut my sons’ hair?

One big problem. I don’t know how to cut hair. And that was the beginning of my faulty plan. The second problem with my faulty plan was that I thought I could learn how to cut hair through Youtube videos.

I mean, why not? I’ve learned some many other things from Youtube. I’ve learned some advanced knitting stitches, learned how to juggle (even though I haven’t mastered it). I’ve even searched music for my children to learn to play. Why not, right?

 Well, I am proud to report that you cannot learn how to cut hair from a Youtube video. Not even a great Youtube video. My attempt was horrible and traumatic for my ten year old. Thank God it was an easy fix.

Valuable lesson learned. At least I can laugh about it now.

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