Monday, August 8, 2011

Really Terrible Movies I Love

I have been sick the last couple of days last week and pretty much in bed the whole time. Since I was too sick to think straight, read or knit, the TV has been my entertainment. My normal choice of mindless TV programing is some sort of true crime TV. Dateline ID, 48 Hours, FBI Criminal Pursuit and On the Case with Paula Zahn. But after three days of being sick, I couldn’t watch anymore.

I wandered beyond my normal channels and stumbled across one of my favorite movies: Big Trouble in Little China. Okay, not high art in any case, but it’s like watching a car wreck. You just can’t look away. And I managed to catch it right at the beginning. Kurt Russell in rare form.

There are a couple of movies that I love that are really terrible movies. They are so hokey, so corny that they should have never been made. But yet I watch them every time I find them on TV. So here is my R.T.M.I.L list (Really Terrible Movies I Love), in no particular order.

1. Independence Day. “Does anybody have any more missiles?” This movie has so many plot problems I would have to write more than one blog about them. But how can you argue with mass carnage? My favorite scene? When the alien captures the president’s (Bill Paxton) mind. “Release me.”
2. The Fifth Element. Bruce Willis is an okay actor, but he was absolutely terrible in this movie. So was Milla Jovovich but how could you not love the blue opera singer. Or Chris Tucker? “Coby? Coby?”Hilarious.
3. Total Recall. Any Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is a waste of a movie ticket except True Lies. Any movie he’s in is bad. I don’t know how he stayed in Hollywood as long as he did. From all his paltry acting exploits, however, he managed to give the movie world a gem. This movie is so ridiculous that it’s hilarious. “Quaid, open your mind.”
4. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Sean Connery has the opposite of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Any movie Sean is in is better. How could you not love that accent? The plot in this movie was lacking, but the special effects made up for it. Captain Nemo and the Nautilus are the hotness.
5. Big Trouble in Little China. This movie is so random that it shouldn’t even be shown on cable but it’s so funny! And it’s got the random fake Rayden in it. It’s also good faor some okay fight scenes. “It’s all in the reflexes.”

What are some of your favorite terrible movies?

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