Friday, August 17, 2012

My Life in Stitches: Ravellenic Games...Epic Fail

This year, I participated in the Ravellenic Games, an event in which knitters compete by completing a project while they watch the Olympics. I hadn’t planned to participate, but after all the hullabaloo over (the website hosting the event) getting a very nasty cease and desist letter from the US Olympic committee (and their subsequent apologies), I decided to join my LYS’s team. I was completing in the scarf sailing with a design of my own.

Verdant blocking...
Epic fail. Like German-diver-hitting-the-water-flat-on-his-back epic fail. Or Michael-Phelps-failing-to-qualify epic fail. I started the sample of my scarf on needles two sizes too big (and yes, I did create a swatch but decided to ignore it). I should have entered the frogging competition. Anyways, I had to drop out because there was no way I could have finished in time.
 And then I casted on Verdant by Gina Bonomo on the Friday morning before the Olympics ended. I finished it last night…which makes that six days of work. Why, oh why didn’t I knit that for the Ravellenic Games? Despite this, I love the shrug so far. I foresee I’ll be wearing this a lot.

Also it was great to take a break from fingering/sock weight yarn. This is my favorite weight to work with, but projects made in this weight can be slow going. I’m reluctant to go back to fingering. Unfortunately, my two WIP are both fingering. I’ve been trolling Ravelry looking for another project using worsted weight but having no luck. Maybe I’ll look for something in DK.

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