Friday, February 1, 2013

My Life in Stitches: Single-Tracking


This word will strike fear in the heart of commuters who use the DC  Metro system. It means that something bad has happened and the trains have to be run on a single track. One train must wait for the other to pass, which means delays. It’s necessary to keep the passengers safe, but no one likes it.

I’ve had to single-track my knitting. 

My knitting life hasn’t been very happy lately. I think I have too many patterns that 1) require my undivided attention and, 2) take some time to finish. Don’t get me wrong. I like the patterns I’m working on. I just don’t like working on them all at once. I have never been a knitter who did well with more than three projects. I think my eyes got bigger than my needles over the Christmas holiday and I haven’t been right sense.

Adding to my issues is that I’ve come across some really great patterns. I found a sock pattern called Hot Waves (haven’t done socks in a long time). I’ve also bought a few patterns, Atmospheric and Sunday Brunch. I can’t wait to cast these on, but I have to wait until the other trains get off the tracks.

I’ve been single-tracking for about a week with two trains…projects: a brioche scarf and a shawl with a detailed lace pattern. I’ve seen both projects inch forward, which is great. I’m the type of knitter that needs to see progress. I think when I finish these two (which should be soon, thank goodness), I will probably keep single-tracking for a while until I get my knitting mojo back. 

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