Friday, March 1, 2013

My Life in Stitches: No Snow

I am always cold. I guess that’s a good problem to have when you’re a knitter. You always have a great excuse to knit something cozy. No matter where I go, I need a sweater or a jacket. So I decided to solve my problem with a craft I love. Last year, I decided that I would make a couple of cardigans in neutral colors to have when I get chilly. My idea was to knit one to keep in the car if I get cold while I’m out.

The No Snow Sweater
I put my plan into action. I went through my stash and decided on the pattern Solaris. It seemed pretty simple. It’s just a reverse garter stitch and the front is knit in one long piece like a scarf. Seaming seemed simple. Piece the front and back together and then set in the selves.

I went to work on this sweater on November 1st of last year (according to my Raverly project page). And I said something that I didn’t realize I’d come to regret. I prayed that the snow would hold off until I got it finished.

Well, the knitting went slow. Really slow. Then I ran out of yarn. Thankfully, I found someone on Raverly with that yarn and dye lot in their stash and willing to sell it, which meant another delay. But I wasn’t worried because it hadn't snowed yet. I just needed it to hold off until I finished the sweater.

Well, it went from bad to worse. I got the sweater finished and immediately set my heart on snow. All I had to do was seam it and the flakes could start flying. But…the arms were too small for the sleeve holes. I was so frustrated that the sweater promptly went into hibernation. Little did I know the trouble I was causing.

The sweater was prophetic.

We got no snow… much less cold weather this winter and it’s all my fault! If I had finished my sweater sooner, we could have been frolicking in the flakes like New England. But no. We have rain and 50 degree days. And I’m too afraid to finish it now because it’s almost spring and I DON’T want snow now.

I’m sorry to all the snow lovers in the Northeast. I failed you.

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