Monday, June 3, 2013

Birth-month Celebrations 2013

Little girl me.
It’s June. Yay! Time for my birthmonth celebration. And it's a milestone year. I'm turning 40!

For the past couple of years, I have celebrated my birthday for the whole month. Some might think it takes a strong dose of narcissism to celebrate for the whole month, but I assure you I’m not celebrating out of vanity.

I started celebrating my birthday for the whole month because I realized I put myself last the rest of the year. I focused on the needs of everyone else in my life and didn’t really pay attention to my needs. I think women, particularly moms, are prone to this. We’ll do for our family before we do for ourselves. And when we do something nice for ourselves, we end up feeling guilty about it.

Celebrating my birthday for the whole month takes the guilt of splurging on myself. And because I look for free or inexpensive ways to celebrate, it’s not a big drain on my budget. Even when I’m celebrating my birthday, I’m a cheap date.

Each year, I look for events that appeal to one of my passions or likes. My list is pretty short. I want to do something:
  • Spiritual
  • Musical/Arts/Writing (normally a dance production or a book fair)
  • Knitting related
  • Jane Austen related
  • Almost 40 year old me
  • Something my family will enjoy doing with me
So here is my schedule so far (subject to change as I find more events):

Knit in Public Day. June 8. This is always an enjoyable event. What’s not fun about knitting in public (although I do this more than just this day). My LYS is hosting an event in Old Town Alexandria. I hope to remember my lawn chair this time.

Air Force Band Concerts. Every Thursday in June. I’m not going to them all, but I hope to at least catch the one at the Air Force Memorial. There’s also one featuring the Singing Sergeants on Fort Myers. Need my lawn chair for this one, too.

Folklife Festival. June 26-July 7. This is my go-to family event. The presentations and exhibits are great because they’re not just some speaking. There is dancing lessons, musical performances and exhibits. I’m looking forward to the Dare to Adorn exhibit, which is a historical treatment of African American fashion. Plus, it’s always great to be down on the National Mall. If I get tired of the festival (which I won’t), I can always hit the National Museum of Art.

Writing a Draft of My Next Novel. The Whole Month. My writing activity this month is to write a draft of Love Simplified 2 (unofficial title). What better way to celebrate my birthday than to do what I love.

As I attend each event, I’ll be featuring reviews and pictures on my Facebook page.
Happy birthday to me!

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