Monday, November 2, 2015

The Call to Ministry

Here is a conversation I've had many times. People tell me that they feel called to "the ministry." After they inform me of this, they tell me about their plans and what they think this ministry is going to be like. I enjoy hearing about people's callings but there is something I began to notice. People threat ministry like it's a destination and once they reach that place, they’re calling will start.

I know of people who have an idea of what their ministry will be but they aren’t doing anything until the scenarios in their minds have been met. They are waiting for the perfect conditions to begin what they feel they should be doing. Their talk about pastoring a church or evangelizing but most time they have a singular picture of what that ministry will be.

I understand that God gives pictures and glimpses of what we are supposed to do in the future, but what about right now? Can we do something now? We have to remember that ministry is a calling and not a location. We do not have to wait until we've "arrived" to an expected destination to start ministering.

Now that I have “arrived” in the place I am called to, co-pastoring a church, I can see that my ministry started the moment I accepted my calling. God lead me to experiences and opportunities that gave me a glimpse of what I would be doing now. He led me to pray for people, teach, disciple and encourage in every stage of my life. There was no waiting to come to a certain place in my life. My ministry began immediately.

Of course I didn’t realize it at that time. I didn’t see that ministry have different levels of execution and platform, different seasons and times. Now that I’m looking at it in hindsight, I can see that it began even when I didn’t think the conditions were right.  

The word minister means to serve. Based on the definition, our ministry, our service can begin at any time. We all have gifts and talents to serve others. If you can reach out and help someone now, or tell someone about the gospel right where we are, we are fulfilling our calling. You don’t have to wait for some perfect time to do it because that will never come. Follow your calling right now and walk in your ministry.

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