Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Stay Home!

I am sitting waiting to pick up a persciption. Why? Because I am sick with a viral infection. You know,  that "this is something yucky bit not a cold or flu." That, I sleep all day and have a splitting headache.  And I am contagious. So I will go home from here, go to bed and stay away from other humans.
That's the key. Staying away from other humans. It's the golden rule of sickness. Or at least it should be. If you are sick, stay home.
For people with children, we know this well. If you little darling is sick, you have to keep them home. The daycare or school won't let them come back until they are better. As adults,  we forget that rule and others have to suffer.
This virus won't let up for 10-14 days. I will feel various levels or horrible because someone came out around other humans when they should have stayed home.
This is the end of my public service announcement... unless you're sick. If so, go home!

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Jodie Bailey said...

I feel your pain. Already battled the nasties once this year because one of the high schoolers came into yearbook and shared the crud. Ugh. Feel better!