Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tea & Read: Menu For Romance

Title: Menu For Romance
Author: Kaye Dacus
Rating: Two cups of tea

If I had to name an author who is quickly earning the right to be listed as one of my favorites, it has to be Kaye Dacus. I read her first book, The Stand-in Groom and was quite impressed. I love the fact that she brings freshness to the Christian fiction.

Menu for Romance is the continuation of the Guidry sagas and the story of Meredith Guidry, a successful event planner. She desperately wants to find love and make a New Years resolution to find someone. It's also the story of Major O'Hara (cute man with extreme name), an Executive Chef who feels his life is to crazy for love.

Dacus creates a realistic look into the "behind the scenes" world of food service. She puts the reader right in the world with all it's tastes and smells. The novel also depicts the thrills of secrets: both secret love and secret issues.

Another very strong theme in the novel is family. The Guidry family is a loving bunch, but their inter-family dynamics always makes for exciting reading. I love the way Dacus makes me feel like I could be reading about my family of four sisters.

I suspect that Dacus will be making waves in the Christian fiction world for a long time to come.

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