Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clearance Charms: The Prince Charming List

Title: The Prince Charming List
Author: Kathryn Springer

This clearance charm came from CBD. I'd seen this book in Borders but only read the cover. It was a great little buy and proves that buying from the clearance rack can net you some great books.

Heather Lowell is looking for love and has a list to prove it. She has compiled a list of qualities she would like to find in a husband. Within days of moving to Prichett, Wisconsin, she is faced with two eligible candidates that seem to meet her requirements

This book amused me because I know people who have compiled a list of qualities they want in a man, particularly when they were a teenager. I find those lists funny because, if I had a list, I don't think my husband would have made the list. He is so totally different than what I thought I would want, but he was exactly what God knew I needed.

I like the way this book handles this practice and how it challenges the reader to look at potential candidates through God's eyes. You might find that the most unlikely candidate is God’s perfect choice.

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