Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tea & Read: The Transformation

Title: The Transformation: Blue Church
Author: Terri Kraus
Rating: Two Cups of Tea
The Transformation is the third book in the Project Restoration Series. It is the story of Oliver Barnett, a contractor hired to renovate an historic church into a nightclub/restaurant. The building is owned by Samantha Cohen. An uncomfortable situation for Oliver since Samantha is a Jew, not the ideal woman that his mother had in mind and Oliver's attraction to her is something that could make working for her difficult.

There is something about the Kraus writes her books that amaze me. My normal book preference is quick moving plots and snappy dialog. But Kraus' books take a more leisurely pace. Yes, it takes me a little longer to finish them, but I am thoroughly satisfied when I am done.

And the topics and themes of the book are pretty strong. I think Kraus handled the subject of interfaith relationships beautifully. Also, she tackles some other difficult situations and shows how the grace of God works in these situations.

My only problem is I was left guessing about some of the subplots at the end. A few situations were left unresolved. It's not that big of a deal, but especially if there is going to be a part two to this novel. (Insert subtle hint to the author).

All in all, it was a great book and I so appreciate when a good book stretches my reading style and preference.

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