Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On the Eighth Day of Christmas: Midnight Clear

Title: Midnight Clear
Author: Jerry B. Jenkins and Dallas Jenkins
Christmas Cheer Rating: 4

I have a confession to make. When I decided to read 12 books for Christmas, I was expecting to read stories that would add to my Christmas cheer. I thought I would be reading book about the beauty of Christmas and the holiday spirit. Apparently, I have the wrong idea of what the Christmas spirit is because I picked some of the most depressing plotlines I’ve ever read. Good thing I have a lot of Christmas spirit.

Midnight Clear did require me to dig into my Christmas cheer. It’s the story of the intersection of five lives on Christmas Eve. Each of them had lives that illustrate the dark side of Christmas. Some of them are lonely, sad, and suicidal, feeling like their lives have no meaning but they all experience the hope of Christmas.

This book actually tapped into a part of Christmas that the other books I read didn’t. It showed how one random act of kindness can change someone’s life in a drastic way. This book portrayed the message of Christmas, how something small changed the course of history.

I actually enjoyed the book, just not the kind of Christmas cheer I expected.

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