Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On the Fourth Day of Christmas: Finding Father Christmas

Title: Finding Father Christmas
Author: Robin Jones Gunn
Christmas Cheer Rating: 5

As a child, one of the things that made me fall in love with books was their ability to transport me to another place. I loved when a book carried me off to some far-away land or just transported my thinking to a different perspective. Books made me forget where I was, physically and emotionally.

In my adulthood, I've not come across many books that made me feel like I was carried off by pixie dust to a magical land. I've read books that seeped me in the reality of now, and shown me the beauty in the ordinary world. But few whisked me off into a place I'd never been.

I am pleased to say that Finding Father Christmas has done that for me. Gunn deftly whisked me off to London and immersed me in the story of Miranda Carson. Miranda has set out to find the father she never knew and is surprised where the trail leads her. She has to decide what to do with what she finds.

As far as characters, each one is memorable in their own right. Each one finds their place into your heart and they don't compete with each other. The setting also draws you in. I've never been to London but spent three Christmases in Belgium. Gunn captures the feel of Christmas in European countries and their love for Father Christmas. There is a childlike wonder about Christmas among Europeans that American hasn't managed to capture and Gunn gives us a snapshot of that. Gunn weaves the character, the setting and plot together into a story that insulates you in the warmth of the season.

This was an incredible book and it completely validated my quest to read Christmas books this holiday.

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