Friday, May 20, 2011

Tea & Read: Delivered With Love

Title: Delivered with Love
Author: Sherry Kyle
Rating: Wall Target Practice (one star out of five)

It pains my heart to write negative book reviews. I want to absolutely love every book that I read, especially when it’s an author that I’ve never read before. I want them to become my new favorite, which was the cast when I started reading Delivered with Love.

This book began with an engaging opening. Having lost my mother to cancer, I immediately sympathized with Claire. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it halfway through the book before I gave up on it.

I don’t mean to vilify the book. Kyle has good descriptions and a nice flow to her writing. And the premise of the book, going a great adventure definitely has its appeal. But this book stretched my belief in the events of the plot. Several times I found myself putting the book down because something so unbelievable happened. Also, Claire was a little bit too trusting of strangers that made her a little dislikable to me. I wondered often about the
type of persons she’d have to be to accept some of the offers she gets in the book.

My biggest problem with this book, however, was all the confidences that Claire experienced. Too many things connected too neatly. Again, I found myself disconnecting from the story because I simple could not wrap my brain around the way everything conveniently connected.

Sadly, I couldn’t finish the book. My fear was that the ending would just be another convenient connect and would leave me angry. I decided to quit while I was ahead so that I can give Kyle another chance if she publishes another book.

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