Monday, May 23, 2011

Tea & Read: Love on Assigment

Title: Love on Assignment
Author: Cara Lynn James
Rating: Two cups of tea (four stars out of five)

Sometimes reading the second book in a series can be disastrous. You jump into a serious feeling lost, confused and wishing you’d read the first book. But sometimes, reading the second book first can be a great blessing. When the second book is great, there’s a good chance that the first book was great, too.

I loved the premise of the book, a reporter going undercover as a governess. Actually, I thought there were so many unique elements about this book that captured my attention. I love James’ use of the media, even at its limited capacity in the early 1900. I loved that the author created Daniel to have standards, but still not be high and mighty or preachy. I loved the way Daniel’s flaws were believable and realistic.

Of course, there is an element of deception in Charlotte’s behavior. Lately I’ve read several Christian fiction books that have included lying characters and found that deception in Christian fiction is a fine road to walk.  James, however, does a great job to show Charlotte’s discomfort with the charade she’d playing with Daniel.

The writing was great and the pacing was good. The rest of the characters in the book endeared me to them. Even Daniel’s mother, who was a course character, was portrayed well-rounded.

This book has given me hope for James’ other books, Love on Dime and Love by the Book will be as great as her others, no matter what order I read them in.

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