Friday, September 30, 2011

My Life in Stitches: Wool Leaves...the project that will never end!

I am sooo ready for this Wool Leaves to be done. I think this is the longest it has ever taken me to finish a project. I don’t really know what is taking me so long to finish it…other than not working on it. I’ve decided to finish it this weekend while I’m recovering from my surgery. I’m stuck in bed anyways, might as well do something productive.

Last week I went to a writer’s conference St. Louis and of course, I had to visit a yarn shop while I was there (big thanks to Alisha for driving me and the rental car man for giving her an upgrade). I went to Knitorious on Watson Road. It’s a wonderful shop and the staff was friendly and helpful. Of course, I broke my no-yarn-buying-until-2012 rule. I bought a wonderful skein of Malabrigo in Stonechat and a skein of Elle Rae Merino Lace in a pink-purple (color #127). Both are gorgeous. I also bought some yarn to make Alisha a cowl for her trouble.

I made a new knitting friend at the conference, Allie Pleiter. She’s a writer and knitter and she blessed me with a skein Forisode by Noro. It’s really soft. Nothing creates an instant bond like gifting yarn. I love Allie. Check out her blog,

I guess they should be motivation to get this Wool Leaves done. I need to move on.  I have lots of gorgeous yarn to get to. Plus the season is changing. I have scarves and hats to make. Sigh. I love knitting.

On another random knitting note, I saw the new Brooklyn Tweed book. It’s called BT Fall 11 and I’m getting it as soon as I can. It passes my three-patterns rule (a book has to have at least three patterns that I LOVE in it before I buy it. I have a lot of rules, don’t I?) I should be adding that to my collection soon. Take a look and tell me if it’s not wonderful.

New friend
New friend

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