Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birth-month To Me

I have a friend named Kim and our birthdays are in the same month. I found out that we shared a birth month because she was celebrating her birthday…for the entire month. I thought this idea was genius and decided to do the same.

I’ve been celebrating my birth month for a couple of years now. My celebration isn’t elaborate (who can afford that?). I normally just pick things, preferably free things, to do throughout the month of June. I pick things that I love to do and make me feel the most like me. Besides, I need to celebrate me. Sounds very selfish, but I’ve recently realized that I don’t do enough to recharge my batteries. I don’t do things that I enjoy often enough. Here’s the perfect time to have some fun.

Tomorrow begins my birth-month and I already have a few things on my calendar (but I’m always open for more).

Here is my celebration plans so far:

June 2nd-Caribbean Heritage Festival, Bladensburg Waterfront Park. Bladensburg, MD
  • I’m Caribbean by proxy. I love my husband and love his Caribbean culture (that he has not lost) and I love being his wife. I’m looking forward to hopefully eating some meat patties and windin’ my body. 

June 9th-Jane Austen Society Book Fair, Walt Whitman High School, Bethesda, MD
  • I screamed when I came across this event. Yes, the event mostly features authors who have written Jane Austen themed books, but who cares. It will be interesting to hear other people’s thoughts about Miss Austen.

June 13th-The Art of Video Games, Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art, Washington, DC
  • This outing is fifty percent for me and fifty percent for me. I’ve been to most of the Smithsonian museums and I knew I wanted to see some art for my birth-month. This kills two birds with once stone, since I can check out the other exhibits while my sons geek out over the video game exhibit. 

June 14th- Lesole’s Dance Project, Millennium Sound Stage, Kennedy Center. Washington DC.
  • I love great art performances. It doesn’t matter what kind of art. Since I’m a visual person, I love watching dance performances. Hopefully, I can get my friend Kim the dancer and my daughter to go with me.

June 18th-The National Museum of the Marine Corps, Triangle, VA.
  • Every time I drive past the National Museum of the Marine Corps, I vow to go one day. Besides, military life is my life. I’m a proud Army wife.

Also included in my celebration (but I’m not sure what day I’m going):

A trip to Fibre Space, my local yarn store, Alexandria, VA I still have a gift certificate I got for Christmas. I don’t know why I’ve held on to it so long, but I’m spending it on for my birth-month.

There are my birth-month plans. Unfortunately, I’m missing a very important thing that I enjoy: MUSIC! I don’t have any musical events on my calendar. If you know of anything (preferable free), let me know. I would like to catch a classical music performance or attend a night of worship.

I’m so excited about my celebration. Happy birth-month to me!

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Andi said...

Happy Birth-month to You! Great idea! I plan to do the same in August!!!