Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flip the Book Over

Yesterday, I posted the cover art for my novel, Love Simplified. I love the repsonses I've gotten, all positive. But one person's comments made me realize I'd forgotten something.

Becca Whitham posted, "I love it! And it tempts me to turn it over and see what it's about, so you have accomplished your first purpose." I smiled when I read her comment (thanks, Becca), but then I realized I forgot to include the back cover blurb for the book. DUH.

Here is the back cover blurb (Just imagine you're flipping the book over):

Tempest Day is an expert on helping others find love through her Connection Parties matchmaking service and the methods outlined in her bestselling book, Love Simplified. She’s one step away from becoming a celebrity matchmaker, the pinnacle of her career dreams.

But when a seemingly simple interview on the nation’s most popular daytime television show takes an ugly turn, Tempest is forced to admit a secret she’s carried for years: She’s never been in love. The fallout is immediate and severe. So severe that the only way to fix the damage is to use her own methods on a reality TV show…a show highlighting her non-existent love life!

Tempest soon discovers that love is anything but simple. The show and its cranky but handsome associate producer, Lance Moretti, challenges all that Tempest thought she knew about relationships, even her relationship with God. What starts as a desperate attempt to repair her reputation turns into Tempest’s biggest love connection ever.

Terri J. Haynes holds a certificate in Creative Writing, an Associate’s Degree in Religious Studies and a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Theology. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, a 2010 Genesis Finalist and a 2012 Genesis Semi-Finalist. She is an Army wife with three children and lives in Maryland.

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