Friday, March 8, 2013

My Life in Stitches: Yarn Fast

I've added a few more lovelies but here is my stash.

(Cue dramatic music) I am on a yarn fast.

I knew this day was slowly creeping up on me, the day when I felt like I have too much yarn. I know all my yarn friends are screaming, “You can never have too much yarn.” I know that’s the saying, but I’m afraid I can have too much yarn. I’ve decided to try not to buy any yarn this year outside of using a gift card a friend gave me. It’s March and so far so good.

Two occurrences brought about this decision. The first happened around fall of last year. I lost a skein of yarn. This was the first time that ever happened (and prayerfully, the last), but it was disconcerting none the least. I was sure that I had put it back in my stash. I tore up my stash multiple times but still couldn’t find it.

I did, however, find something else in my stash: lots of really great yarn. I have great colors and good quality yarn in my stash. My husband would call that being yarn snob (so be it). It’s like I own my own little mini-yarn store with skeins tailored just for me. Why buy more yarn, when so much beautiful yarn is before me?

Second, I found myself often being overwhelmed by my stash, which isn’t that big. I would wonder about how long would it take me to knit it all up. See, I’m a big fan of the queue feature on Raverly. At the beginning of last year, I went through and “queued up” most of my yarn. I realized at the beginning of this year, that I’d made very little progress on the queue, but I had added quite a bit of yarn in my stash. For some reason, that annoyed me.

Under the power of those two events, my mind is made up. I’ve even shared my plan to my anti-stash husband, who will do all in his power to keep me from buying…I mean help me keep my conviction.

What are your feelings about your stash? Do you feel overwhelmed? What’s your sign that it’s time to stop buying yarn?

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deltapurl said...

Sometimes my stash overwhelms me but I saw someone elses stash and I realized I don't have all.