Monday, April 8, 2013

"Sick" Movies

I have been sick with a cold that my lovely daughter gave me. Spring colds are not fun. Thankfully, my worse complaint is congestion, which means I have been semi-functional in a zombie kinda way.

I have resorted to my preferred method of recovering: lots of sleep, tea and movies. I actually have a stack of movies at my bedside that I watch when I’m sick. As I got ready to settle into a marathon with this cold, I realized something.  My favorite “sick” movies have sick people in them!

Here is my Top 3 “Sick” movie countdown.

3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. When the aliens visit Barry’s house the first time (this link is of the second time they visit), Jillian, Barry’s mother, is sick in bed with a cold. As a city girl, that scene creeps me out. She’s sick, sleep in the house with all the windows open and the doors unlocked. Yeah…no.

2. Pride and Prejudice. Poor Jane. Forced to ride to Netherfield in the rain. Her suffering, however, is not in vain. Darcy gets to spend several days falling for Elizabeth and quite against his will. Favorite line: "People do not die from little trifling colds."

1. You’ve Got Mail. The scene where Kathleen is sick and Joe comes to visit her is the best. I love when she says, in the middle of their conversation, “My head is starting to get fuzzy.”  

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