Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tea & Read: Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World

Title: Soul Detox
Genre: Christian Living
Rating: Spend the day sleepy (★★★★★)

I heard about this book when an interview from the author aired on my local Christian radio station. I immediately hunted it down and it was worth the trouble.

As believers we are called to be in the world, but not conformed to its desires or values. This can be more difficult than we think. More often than not we feel compromised by ungodly influences and emotions like anger, envy, fear, and unforgiveness leak into our hearts and minds. When these feelings take up residence, like a musty house, our souls need a thorough spring cleaning.

Soul Detox by Craig Groeschel explores how we can overcome the emotional and spiritual toxins that assault us daily. With grace and insight you'll be challenged to examine areas of complacency and bring them into the light of God's holiness. Learn how to be free from toxic emotions, attitudes, and behaviors, and discover the freedom of choosing to live with the mind of Christ.

This book was excellent and very timely. Groeschel does a great job of presenting the information in the book in a very practical manner, which is great for Christian living books. His detailed treatment of the toxins Christians encounter in live prompts some serious introspection. He makes a point not to command readers to abstain from toxic behaviors, but he encourages honest examination of self and their relationship with God. With his honest and frank explanations, it’s not hard to see the impact toxicity has on believers.

Most of all, Groeschel’s theology is rightly divided. I’ve read far too many authors that stretch theology to meet their book’s theme. This book is not one of them. Strengthen by clear writing, the scriptures ring out loud and clear.

If you looking for a way to “clean up” your relationship with God from the inside out, this wonderful power-packed book is perfect for the job. 

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