Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Indie Life: The Fifteen Minute Break

I have recently rejoined the workforce. The journey has been a major life adjustment. I actually have to plan my life (ugh) and learn to be more efficient in smaller blocks of time…namely, my fifteen minute break.

I get two 15 breaks at my job. When I first started working, I was convinced that I would just have to find time once I’ve gotten off work to write. I convinced myself that fifteen minutes wasn’t enough to work on my novel. Two months in, I wasn’t really making more time at home to write and had to make that fifteen minutes work.

For the next couple of Wednesdays, I will be sharing a series of posts on how to be more effective with just fifteen minutes. I’m calling them the Fifteen Minute Break.

The first thing is to get acquainted with fifteen minutes. You might think it’s short like I did, but it’s long enough to get short bursts of work done. To get a real time feel, set your oven timer (or whatever buzzing device you have) to fifteen minutes. Do this a couple of times. The key is to get a realistic feel for how much time you actually have.

Also, you can time tasks to see how long they take. Here is a list of tasks that take fifteen minutes:
  • Brushing your teeth 7.5 times.
  • Preparing 5 packages of Oodles of Noodles
  • Downloading upgrades on a PC (maybe longer depending on the age of your computer)
  • Pumping two tanks of gas (take a friend)
  • Playing 7 rounds of Tetris Frenzy
  • A long shower (you’ll need lots of moisturizer afterwards)
  • Going through the drive through a Chick-fil-a (but it’s worth it)
  • The time it takes the officer to get out of the car after he’s pulled you over for speeding (don’t ask me how I know)
  • Finding your phone when you’re late for work
  • Getting through the “express” line in the supermarket
  • Washing a load of laundry on quick wash
  • Saving money on your car insurance (Never actually done it so someone else will have to verify)

Come back next week and I’ll talk about the tools you need to be more effective on your fifteen minutes break. 

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