Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tea & Read: The Inheritance

Title: The Inheritance

Author: Tamara Alexander

Rating: Twenty-four hours of Bliss (NEW!)

Every woman needs a good cowboy story. My friend Linda and I have a reoccurring conversation about cowboys. I love cowboy stories (and movies, especially Wyatt Earp, War Wagon, Big Jake, El Dorado, Tombstone, The Sons of Katie Elder, McLintock, The Outlaw of Josie Wales, Dances with Wolves, The Magnificent Seven and of course, Blazing Saddles.) I love the way cowboys honored women and there were just some things you didn't say and do around a lady. Boy I wish those days were back...

Anyways, Linda is a history buff, so she loved all things remotely historical. I, on the other hand, have to take my historical stories in small doses. But I can tell you I was long overdue for a cowboy story and Tamara Alexander delivered.

The story is about McKenna Ashford, a young woman who's had a very hard life. She is the sole caretaker of her little brother, Robert, who I'd like to take out into the barn and give him a good dose of tough love. The Ashford siblings are on the run from their past, only to run right back into trouble in their future. Enter Wyatt Caradon, a US Marshall. I must admit, I screamed when I saw his name was Wyatt. A cowboy named Wyatt. How hot is that!

This is a great book. I blazed through it in 24 hours. There are strong themes of redemption, tough love and justice. But it has a cowboy named Wyatt in it. Ok, a U.S. Marshall named Wyatt. Nuff said.

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