Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tea & Read: Kiss

Title: Kiss
Author(s): Ted Dekker and Erin Healy
Rating: One Cup of Tea

Even though I didn't give this book the highest rating, this rating is meaningful coming from me. I've been mad at Ted Dekker since House. I own Skin, Showdown and Sinner, but I was afraid to read them. I was afraid that they would exacerbate my love-hate relationship with Ted.

I loved Blink (or Blink of an Eye as it's called now) and I liked Three, although it left me with some questions (I guess crazy people need love too, but I wouldn't have be trying to see Kevin again.) But House and the Black, Red and White trillogy left me scratching my head.

I gave Kiss a chance for two reasons. First, it was at the library. When you are mad at an author, you're a little reluctant to buy another book from them. My second reason was Erin Healy. No, I didn't know who she was, but I was hoping she could remedy some of the issues I have with Ted Dekker's writing.

Kiss turned out to be better than I expected. One complaint I have with Ted Dekker is some of his writing can be very cerebral. Meaning, sometimes I get confused about what's actually happening in a scene (or in a whole book in the case of House). But the collaboration paid off. The books is Ted Dekker with a woman's touch.

The story is gripping enough. A woman who's lost six months of her memory. The suspense is good and the characters are credible, even though I thought her relationship with her father was a bit extreme for the ending. Don't worry. I won't spoil it.

My favorite scene was when Shauna runs into someone from her past. She's attracted to him, but she doesn't remember why. The romantic tension is really high.

Since I'm not so mad at Ted Dekker anymore, maybe I'll go ahead and read Skin, Showdown and Sinner now.

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