Friday, June 19, 2009

Tea & Read: Love's Rescue

Title: Love’s Rescue
Author: Tammy Barley
Rating: Spend the Day Sleepy

Boy am I a sucker for a cowboy book! And Love’s Rescue doesn’t disappoint. This book stirred up every John Wayne emotion I have.

It is the story of Jessica Hale, living in Navada Territory. When her brother leaves to join the Confederates, she is attacked for supporting him. Enter Jake the cowboy. He risks his life to save her twice and when she suffers a great loss, he is there to help Jess sort out the mess of her life.

This book was well written. I especially like the way Barley put you in the setting of the Sierra region. I loved the descriptions of the houses on Jake’s ranch and the unity between the cattlemen and the Paiute people living nearby. And there were plenty of characters to love beyond Jess and Jake. I especially loved Jake’s posse, loyal to the end, just like good cowboys should be. I think my favorite part is when Jess “alters” the men in the camp's britches. Hilarious.

Good book. Looking forward to reading more from Barley.

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