Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tea & Read: Tour de Force

Title: Tour de Force
Author: Elizabeth White
Rating: Two Cups of Tea

Sometimes, you read a book and think you've discovered a new author, until a character you recognize shows up in the book. This is what happened with this book.

Last year, I read Off the Record and enjoyed it. It was funny because I started it the year (2007) before and then it just sat on my shelf. I picked up Off the Record again to keep myself from buying another book.

The main character of Tour de Force, Gillian Kincade, made a brief appearance in Off the Record and I immediately connected with her quirky style. I was very pleased to find that she was now the star.

In this novel, she is taking the New York ballet community by store when she is given an opportunity of a lifetime that quickly moves her up in the ranks of the ballet scene. She meets Jacob Ferrar and is cast in his small company. But when she injures herself and her world starts to fall apart, the story gets interesting.

This was a compelling novel and well written. Even though I don't know all the ballet terms, I didn't feel lost and overwhelmed by them. And I must admit, I did get a little choked up with the moving description of her dance as Mary. I found myself wishing I could actually see the dance and not just imagine it in my head. The supporting characters were also great and I especially like the way White weaved her sister Laurel into the plot.

I think this book would make an excellent book for the dancer in your life, and I'm not a dancer.

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