Sunday, November 29, 2009

On the First Day of Christmas: All I Have to Give

Author: Melody Carlson
Christmas Cheer Rating: 1

I was surprisingly disappointed with this book since I've read These Boots Were Made for Walking and loved it. I was really looking forward to diving into this book.

Anna Jacobs is trying to have the best Christmas ever since she's started having some concerning health problems. She also is struggling with the fact that she can't have children. Added to other challenging situations, she finds having the perfect Christmas is harder than she thinks.

I finished this book in 24 hours, which normally means the book was great. Unfortunately, I quickly finished this one just so I could be done. Anna began to annoy me by the middle of the book. I wanted to shake some sense into her because her thought process was a little on the ridiculous side. The most annoying part of this book was the unresolved ending. There were so many loose ends that I found myself wondering happened to some of the characters in the book.

I guess I'm going to have to read more of Carlson's book because this one really surprised me. I have The Christmas Dog on my list to read. I hope this book isn't any indication of the rest of this reading challenge because if it is, I'm not going to have a merry Christmas.

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