Friday, November 20, 2009

Tea & Read: I'm So Sure

Title: I'm So Sure
Author: Jenny B. Jones
Rating: Spend the Day Sleepy

OMG! Jenny B. Jones as produced another fabulous book featuring Bella Kirkwood (There's something about the name Bella this season. See previous post Fools Rush In.) Bella's life is still an adventure. Just as she starts to adjust to her new life, she discovers that her step-father Jake has been selected for a reality TV show. She also has to figure out who is sabotaging the prom and deal with her editor, Luke Sullivan.

I love this series, which is a big surprise considering I'm well past the YA age group (I have children who fall into that age range). Jones knows how to tell a story to captivate readers at any age. I especially enjoy Jones' humor and whit when it comes to Bella.

I also appreciate the fact that Jones deals with several serious issues (blended families, bullying) in a way that isn't overwhelming. Jones weaves a story with these issues, but gives positive ways to deal with them. She presents the reality of life without being gritty, which, in this world of where shock value has been overused, is a good thing.

And if an old woman like me can enjoy this book, they would make a great gift for the teenage girls in your life.

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