Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tea & Read: Fools Rush In

Title: Fools Rush In
Author: Janice Thompson
Rating: Two Cups of Tea
Bella must be a popular name for heroines this year. Of course, Bella Swan from the Twilight series has gotten a lot of attention but there are other Bellas out there worth mentioning. Bella Rossi is definitely one of them.
Fools Rush In features Bella Rossi, who has just taken over her parent's wedding planning business. She wants to start fresh and her first wedding as the new owners has a Texan/Cowboy theme. The problem is that she is first generational Italian-American and doesn't know a thing about "Boot-Scootin'". She seeks help in a handsome DJ who knows a thing or two about Texas flair.
I think the greatest attribute of this book is the its multi-cultural characters. I love the interaction of the different culture groups in the book. Thompson presented that interaction in a very realistic and hilarious way. Being a member of a minority ethnic group, this gives me hope. I think that most of Christian fiction is dominated by Caucasian characters. I think that's sad because that's not a true representation of the Body of Christ. More writers need to have the courage to combine more ethnic groups in their novels and I applaud Thompson for taking that leap.
If I had to take marks away from this book, it would because I didn't feel the intensity of Bella's inner conflict. She wants to make the business work but she didn't seem to have enough motivation to be as stressed as she was. Other than that, this was a great book. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the Bella series. Bella Rossi, that is.

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