Sunday, February 7, 2010

God Confirms His Word

It’s been two weeks since we’ve been to church because of snow. Since we planned out our day and created a schedule, I decided that we’d have a short service here in the house. I did praise and worship (and realized how out of practice). My husband gave us a short sermon about the importance of community.

He spoke from Acts 2, the beginning of the church. He explained how community is having things in common and how the snow storm had amplified the importance of working together. He said that when we work together, it makes being stuck in close quarters more bearable. During the message, we also talked about using our gifts to help others. My husband explained that when everybody works towards a common goal, the work moves more quickly.

After service and lunch, we headed out to finish shoveling the driveway. We had a daunting task ahead of us. Our driveway is about 50 feet and we only have one shovel. I used a hard plastic dustpan, which would have been murder on my back. We had not worked long before God perfectly illustrated the message my husband preached.

One of our neighbors brought his snow blower and cleared the majority of our driveway. After he was done, he cleared another one of our neighbor’s driveway. My youngest son, who had watched the whole scene, said in a quiet voice, “Now that’s community.” Amen.

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