Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Feature: Second Opinion

Opinions are like noses; everyone has one. Including book reviewers. We have opinions and we get to write them out for the world to see. But it is important to remember that reviews are nothing more than a single reader's opinion and very subjective.

The reviews I write are based on likes and dislikes unique to me. Yes, some women in her mid-thirties with the mortgage and three children may read my reviews and completely agree with me. But someone else in another phase of life, like a 20 year old, single college student might disagree.

I realize when writing my reviews that someone may not agree with my reviews (I'm sure the authors of said books don't agree with me). That’s why I’m creating a new feature on my blog called Second Opinions. In this feature, I will give away a books that I gave a low rating in exchange for a second opinion review.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Enter by posting a comment on my blog
  2. I pick a winner one week later and send him or her the featured book
  3. The winner must agree to email me a review of the book to be posted on my blog
  4. Check back the first Friday of each month for a chance to win

Second opinions are good for doctors and book reviews. Here is your chance to share yours.

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