Monday, October 15, 2012

Things I Used to Do

Even though I’m a stay at home/homeschool mom, my schedule is always full. As a matter of fact, the past couple of days have been particularly busy. Funny thing is I’d planned to take today off and relax, but I have an appointment today. And one tomorrow. And one Wednesday. And Thursday. AND Friday! I don’t remember my life being so busy even when I had a full time job.

I recently realized that I’ve gotten so busy that I’ve kinda neglected some things in my life. There are so many good things that I used to do that I don’t do anymore. I miss those things.

I used to sleep in on Saturday mornings. It was the one day my whole family was home in the mornings. I used to go to bookstores and browse for hours. I had a chance to do that this weekend with a couple of my friends, but it had been a long time coming.

My family used to have Friday Family night. We’d watch a movie together, or have a video game tournament. I used to read more. I can remember reading 6-8 books a month. I used to go to museums more, particularly art museums. Haven’t done that since last summer.

I used to find free cultural events to take my children to. We’ve missed the National Book Festival twice and we didn’t go to the Folklife Festival on the Mall this year. I used to go bowling. I used to walk for exercise.

The most distressing thing that I used to do is write. I’ve been battling an awful case of writer’s block. I wondering if it’s related to the rest of the things I used to do. The lack of these enjoyable events must have put a damper on my creativity. Maybe it’s time to get back to doing thing I used to do and love.

What enjoyable things have you stopped doing in your busy life?

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Tami said...

Isn't it crazy how most people think that being a "stay at home mom" means that you can stay at home all the time? I do try to schedule days now where we actually stay home. It's funny how we had so many free cultural opportunities in the DC area that we didn't take advantage of while we live there. Now, we do more of these festivals and other community activities. I think because in a rural area, it is not so overwhelming.