Friday, October 26, 2012

My Life in Stitches: When Crafts Collide

I have never met a craft I didn’t like.

That’s one of my favorite sayings and it’s true. Cross-stitch didn’t agree with my eyesight, but I still loved it. In addition to knitting, I crochet and bead. I’ve done rubber-stamped greeting cards and cross-stitch.  I’ve tried my hand at sewing, but lost my sewing machine when my basement flooded. I’ve done latch hook rugs and bow making (sucked at that).

My bracelet.
I enjoy knitting the most and with beading coming in second. I started making jewelry a few years ago and last year started making stitch markers. I enjoy the many colors and shapes of the beads. Since I enjoy these two crafts so much, it stands to reason that I would love it even better if they collided. And Tuesday night they did.

I was following a thread on Ravelry about beaded row counter bracelets. I was totally fascinated because they were so beautiful but so functional. They work like an abacus and keep track of your rows even when you take it off. Smart and pretty.

See my tiny wrists!
I think it turned out very well for a first attempt. One of my problems is my wrists and hands are so small, so I had to keep adjusting the length so it didn’t slide off. Also, I had to change the beads I used because the ones I picked were too small for my cord. All and all, I can say I pleased with it. I used it during Bible study and it’s a great deal quieter than my clicker counter. My pastor probably thought I had a nervous problem fumbling with my bracelet every couple of minutes.
One of the green row beads broke.

What I’m not pleased about is that one of my beads split in two. So now I only have eight beads on the bottom row (I’m supposed to have nine). I guess this is a good reason to go and buy some more beads and make another. I think I want to add a third row.

Funny thing is as soon as I finished making my bracelet, my husband promptly announced that he was taking my clicker counter. Oh, well.

PS. I started my Color Affection. It's a good mindless Bible study project for now. I may have to leave it home when it gets too big.

PSS. My writer friend, Connie Almony interviewed on her blog today. Hop over to Infinite Characters and get to know me a little better. Also enter to win an ebook of Love Simplified

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