Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is that you, Jesus?

Sitting in my living room one day, I noticed that the sky was doing something weird. It was a cloudy sunset. The last traces of light peeked through the clouds, giving the snow in my back yard a pink tint in a matter of minutes. It was so strange because it was so sudden.

As I watched the world turn pink, I asked "Is that you, Jesus?" I do that often when I see strange things happening in the sky. It could have been Him. We don't know when He's going to return. All we know is that He will crack the sky and everyone will see Him.

I try to imagine what that's going to be like, if I live to see it. My heart wonders about how it will feel to have my savior that close. Will I sense that the Lover of my soul is near? Will His return be a gradual thing, His cracking the sky being a gradual event? Or will it be like the pink sunset over my back yard, happening in seconds? Will we be standing around, doing what we always do and have to ask "Is that you, Jesus?" and He replies "Yes."

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