Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tea & Read: The Chronological Study Bible

Title: The Chronological Study Bible
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Rating: Spend the Day Sleepy
The Thomas Nelson Chorological Study Bible is a great resource for the serious Bible student and new believers looking for a historical context of the scripture. The combination of the historical layout and the study notes sets this Bible head and shoulders over its rival, Reese’s Chronological Bible. This book has quickly become my favorite resource for historical background of the Bible.

The study notations of this Bible are phenomenal. There are pages and pages of information on the major time divisions of the bible. I also enjoy the way it is broken down into Epochs. They give a clear snapshot of Biblical times and other insightful information about science, technology, trade, economics and more. Significant events are shown in outline form and maps give a sense of the scale of these events.

The Bible is beautifully printed in color and hard cover bound, making it sturdy and easy to read. The study notes are colored-coded, so finding the background information of a passage is effortless. Even with all the wonderful features in this Bible, it is not overwhelming, as some recourses can be. The information and its placement on the page are logically and well-thought out.

I wish I had this book when I was completing my Master’s Degree in Theology.

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