Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tea & Read: Isolation

Title: Isolation
Author: Travis Thrasher
Rating: Two Cups of Tea

I've been on a long stint of reading romance novels. So I decided it was time to break up the monotony and read another genre. I picked up this book a few weeks ago but was still in a romance mood. I finished it today and now I regret not finishing it sooner.

The story is about a family of missionaries who return to the US very different people. They move to a house in North Carolina for some relaxation, but they get more than they bargain. Strange things start to happen and in the end, their stay at the house because a test of their faith.

This book was so good that I'm not sure why I haven't read any of Mr. Thrasher's books before (I'll be looking for them from here on out.) Thrasher shows great insight into how family dynamics work and they way fear grips us. But he also shows the battle for our souls and the overcoming power of Jesus.

The story was a little slow in pacing, but other than that, this is a wonderful way to break the romance trend.

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