Friday, January 16, 2009

New Feature: Tea & Read

I am starting a new feature on my blog. It's called Tea & Read Book Reviews. The idea of the name came from a conversation that I had with one of my fellow avid readers. It's been cold here in the Northwest and I told my friend that I would love to make a cup of tea and curl up with the book I was reading. She was at work and replied "I wish I could tea and read." Thus the name was born.

For my reviews, I have developed a rating system.

Spend the Day Sleepy-This book was so good that I stayed up all night reading it and now I'm sleepy. This is the highest rating.

Two Cups of Tea-A great book to curl up with.

One Cup of Tea-An Average book that is good if I only have time for one cup of tea

Glad I Got it From the Library-a less than average book that I would have been upset if I'd purchased.

Wall Target Practice-When a book ends and I feel like it left me hanging, I throw it against the wall. This is the lowest rating.

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