Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Writing for Water and Doing What I Can

Books change lives.

My opinion isn’t solely based on the fact that I’m a writer. I am a reader as well. Books have changed my life. I would have to blog for a million years to name all the books that have impacted me, but one in particular deserves mentioning because it continues to motivate me.

In 2009, I read A Hole in the Gospel by Richard Sterns, the President of World Vision. That book turned my life upside down (here is my review of the book). After reading that book, I vowed that I would use the proceeds of any publishing contracts I got to provide clean water, namely a well, to some area in need. I was writing for water.

Well, the contracts didn’t come and things weren’t looking promising, so I self-published my first novel. Sadly, I haven’t sold enough copies of my book to provide a well. I must say that was a little depressing. I want to help but my book sales aren’t cooperating. My sales aren’t horrible. I’m right on track with the general estimate of 100-200 books max for self-published books and may make that goal by the end of the year.

Still, it’s not enough to sponsor a well. As with many things in my life, I took it to prayer. I told the Lord all about how my sales weren’t enough to do this great noble thing I wanted to do. And as always, the Lord responded. He said, “Do what you can.”

Hmmm. Didn’t think of that. Of course, I had to figure out what I could do and interestingly enough, that figuring took me right back to Richard Sterns and World Vision.

World Vision allows donors to give specifically to different needs. One of them is clean water. I found I could give a small portion of my book profits to providing clean water and so fulfill my vow. It’s not a well, but it’s something. I gave my small donation this week with a huge measure of gratitude. God used me to do something to bless someone else despite only having a widow’s mite to give.

I will continue to write for water. I will also continue to do what I can.  

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