Thursday, November 8, 2012

Great Dates: Dating Fall

What is more romantic than a fall day? I can't help imagining myself walking among the leaves with my honey, or my children for that matter, and enjoying the colors of fall.

Fall offers so many opportunities for great dates. Here are some suggestions:

  • Fall Festivals. A great date for singles, married, families and girlfriends. Even if you live in an urban area like I do (DC Metro), you can still find a decent fall festival nearby. Most churches and schools host fall festivals every year. It's all a matter of how elaborate you want the date to be. If you want to add a sense of getaway to the date, Google for fall festivals within an hour driving distance. This would be a great road trip for you and the girls. 
  • Farms, Apple Picking, Hayrides and Corn Mazes. Another great way to get a date in and enjoy the beauty of fall. Find your nearest local farm and have some fun. This is another opportunity for a road trip. Best of all, you can score some great fall produce. 
  • Hiking, Biking and Strolling. Here a great idea for a more athletic date. Pack a backpack with some light snacks and both you and your date bring along digital cameras. Find your nearest, prettiest walking trail and spend the afternoon together. I suggest afternoon since most good walking trails are frequented by the workout crowd earlier. Not only will you get some great fall shots, you have a built in momentum of the day. 
What's your best idea for incorporating fall into your dates?

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