Monday, December 3, 2012

Butchering Christmas Carol Lyrics

For the past couple of days, I've had a hard time believing that the Christmas holiday has started. I guess temps in the 60's aren't helping. Besides, I've seen the signs that Christmas is coming. Holiday party invitations, 24/7 Christmas music on my local Christian radio station and the sparkling apple cider on sale at the commissary, but these weren't enough to get me in the mood. I don't feel like Christmas is coming just like it didn't feel like Thanksgiving to me.
Regardless what I feel, the holiday season is upon us so I decided to start acting like it. My first task? Loading up all my Christmas music into iTunes. I had one CD already there because I needed some mood music for a Christmas themed graphic design project I did a couple of months ago. Music is a big part of my life and I must say, Christmas music ranks pretty high on my list of favorites. I am, however, not one of those people who listen to Christmas music all year. 

In loading up my music, however, I noticed something. I've gotten lazy with knowing the lyrics of Christmas songs. For instance, I just discovered that there are four verses to Joy to the World. All this time I thought it was only three. Once I read the missing verse, I kinda understood why most people omit it. It's not as happy and cheerful as the other verses. And I completely butchered the lyrics to Silent Night. I don't remember when I forgot Christmas lyrics. 

That's the next task on my Christmas prep list: refresh my Christmas lyrics. 

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