Friday, December 21, 2012

My Life in Stitches: My Year in Stitches, 2012

Dinner in the Eiffel Tower

As the year comes to an end (and not the world), I thought I would do a little review of my knitting life. My totals for this year are:
 Six cowls
Six shawls
Four scarves
Three pairs of fingerless gloves.
Two sweaters (maybe three if I can finish my Solaris by the 31st)
Two baby blankets
One hat
One pair of socks
One shrug

26 projects this year. Wow. That’s about two per month.

Favorite project for the year: (tie)
My Verdant shrug. It turned out much better than I expected. The picture of me wearing it also featured on the patterns page on Raverly.

My $5 in Paris sweater. This thing is lovely. It fits so well because I sized it as I went.
$5 in Paris

Least favorite project for the year: (tie)

Mini Mania Scarf. As much as I loved the idea of this scarf, working on it drove me crazy. I had more colors to add, but I lost the will to live. And I thought I was going to make two of these...NOT!

Dinner in the Eiffel Tower.  For some reason, my stitch count was off every other row, which got annoying really fast.

Pleasant surprise project of the year:
Dinner in the Eiffel Tower
Dinner at the Eiffel Tower. This project annoyed me…until I bound it off, blocked and wrapped around my shoulders. Wow. Sometimes a project is worth the trouble.

Major disappointment of the year:
Arcadian Shawl
Arcadian Shawl. This project had several strikes against it. First, the yarn I used was coarser than I expected. Second, it was too easy to miss my mistakes. I wouldn’t see them until I got two or three repeats away. I did a lot of ripping with this one.  Third, I was hoping one of my friends who said they liked it would as for it, but alas, they didn’t.

Next week, I'll share some of my knitting goals for 2013.

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