Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Am a Grown Woman

Motivation comes from the strangest places.

One day I had sat down to write, but I wasn’t “feeling” it. That’s my term for when my muse has left me, when I’m uninspired, the well of words has run dry… you get the point. As much as I would have like to wait until all was right with my universe before I started writing, I couldn’t. I was on a deadline.

But that didn’t stop me from whining about how I didn’t think the writing would be good or if it was the best I could do. And after a little while, I realized how childish I was acting. I sounded more like a three year old instead of a woman over thirty. I was acting like a baby. At that moment of revelation, I said out loud, “I am a grown woman.” Surprising, this admission was exactly what I needed to get moving because I am a grown woman.

How silly must I sound to be whining about the things I need to get done? Grown women take responsibility for their lives. Grown women realize that things may get challenging but that doesn’t mean they get to shrink away from life. Grown women get things done. Grown women don’t wait for the best of conditions. We work with what we got and do our best. And I am a grown woman.

That has become my motto of late. Not just when I need motivation to write, but when I find childishness sneaking into my behavior. When I hear myself make that statement, I know it’s time to put on my big girl panties and move past whatever tantrum I’m throwing.

I am a grown woman and I’m determined to act like it.

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