Friday, January 18, 2013

My Life in Stitches: The Other Haynes Knitter

I have a strange phenomenon in my house: my husband, Abrian (aka Brian) knits. When I tell other female knitters that my husband knits, they often say they wish their husband would take up the needles. This is a two edged sword, though. I love sharing this craft with him, it ultimately means we have to buy yarn for two stashes (because I am VERY reluctant to share my stash with him). Brian is a fantastic knitter, so I figured I'd introduce him to you.

How long have you been knitting? I've been knitting for about 3 years.

You've gotten quite good at it in those three years! I understand you can crochet and knit. Which do you like more and why? I think I like knitting the most. When you look at patterns, knitted patterns look more professional and detailed to me.

I like knitting better, although it goes slower than crochet. English or Continental? I'm a Continental knitter. I didn't know that until one of the knitter in the group point out that my stitches were backwards. I was puzzled because I knitted like my wife, who taught me. Come to find out, I knit like I crochet with the yarn in my left hand.

Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out how that happened. I wish I could knit continental. It goes so much faster. What is your needle preference? Circulars or straight needles, nickel or bamboo? I would prefer straight needles because of the way I hold the needles. I hold my left needle perpendicular and allow the end to rest on my thigh. That can't be done with circular. Unfortunately, most of the patterns call for circular due to the number of stitches you have to cast on. As far as nickel or bamboo, I prefer nickel because the stitches slide easier and doesn't slow me down.

Mini Mania #1

You are very entertaining when you knit with straight needles. You definitely knit like a man. What is your favorite project? My favorite project was the Mini Mania Scarf. I had to ensure that the color matched and watching them come together was magical. I couldn't wait to change colors.

Mini-Mania #2

I really can't believe you did two of those. I barely made it through one. What was your most challenging project? My most challenging project is the Hero Pullover Sweater. I liked it while it was on the needles, but I'm not particularly fond of seaming. Therefore, it has be in time-out since January 2011.

Brian's Danish Forest

Seaming is interesting, but I think that sweater would look great on you. What’s on your needles now? The Danish Forest is on my needles now. I love this lace project. It's simple, elegant and easy to memorize. I'm making this for a co-worker, but having to fight my wife and daughter for it. They keep giving me not-so-subtle hints that it would look good on them and how much they deserve it. I'm glad they like my work, but it's already spoken for. I still think it's a perfect color for me. Maybe you'll have a change of heart before it's done :)

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